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WSIB Safety Groups

Frustrated with new legal requirements, not understanding what is needed in Occupational Health & Safety, failing Ministry of Labour inspections? Don’t have the time or the expertise to develop a compliant safety program? Then 2019 is the year to join the WSIB Safety Group Program. In 2019 we employers need to get ready and be prepared. There is a new rate framework from WSIB in 2020, the WHMIS 2015 changes require full implementation, workplace harassment and mental stress claims continue to be a challenge, and the legalization of cannabis has us all facing the unknown. Are you prepared to handle this?

Dunk & Associates is a company dedicated to advocacy for the Employer; training the supervisor and ensuring every workplace in Ontario has the opportunity to affordably implement a compliant, realistic and manageable safety program. No company is too large or too small to be in our group. We offer many resources but we also offer hundreds of tools to provide you with the skills for implementation of your safety program.

Our “claim to fame” is our extraordinary supports by a seasoned team of professionals who have all “walked the talk”. Our webinar meetings are likened to a talk radio program, where you are engaged and entertained. Safety is a serious matter and Dunk makes it light and easy! All of this plus a potential 5% rebate on your 2019 premiums is a not a win; it is a no brainer. Who wouldn’t join! Call today and experience the excitement, the energy and the expertise of the Dunk & Associates programs and team!

About Safety Groups

Since 2003, Dunk & Associates has been a proud sponsor/provider of the Ontario WSIB Safety Groups Program.

WSIB Safety Groups is a performance-based premium rebate program for businesses in Ontario. Safety Groups was first piloted in 2000 and it is now a permanent WSIB program where companies collectively work on key safety initiatives designed to reduce injury frequency and severity. By participating, your business can earn rebates of up to 5% back on your annual WSIB premiums, all while improving your workplace health & safety. Many companies in the Dunk & Associates’ Safety Group program use this money to pay for the cost of participating or use it to reinvest back into the company.

What Makes us Different!
Dunk & Associates offers the WSIB Safety Group program using our technology platforms, online portals and webinar meetings. No need to travel or sit on uncomfortable hotel chairs – save time and resources by working/participating from the comfort of your own office or home. Webinar meetings are three hours in length.
What do our Meetings Look Like?

The first hour is about the requirements of the Safety Groups program and updates from the WSIB and MOL, initiatives and programs. The second hour is a training session on safety hazards with a focus in 2019 on harassment and mental stress in the workplace. The third hour is networking, testimonials from members, and lessons from losses. You will be able to dialogue with other member firms and our professional team on your program barriers, complex claims and gain a better understanding of what it takes to be compliant in Ontario.

About Our Safety Group

Safety Groups is a WSIB program in Ontario which helps firms manage a system for health and safety in the workplace. This is accomplished though mentoring, pooling of resources and sharing of best practices between members, Dunk & Associates (your sponsor), and the WSIB. Safety Group members can reduce their workplace injuries and illnesses and be rewarded with rebates on WSIB premiums. Our objective at Dunk & Associates is simple – to help you eliminate workplace injuries and illness, reduce WSIB costs, and help you truly create a healthy workplace culture.

Dunk & Associates has been a Safety Groups Sponsor since 2003. Our group is a multi-sector group who focuses on small to mid-sized businesses and corporate businesses with multiple locations/franchises. Our group is comprised of healthcare, industrial/manufacturing, retail, food service, automotive, transportation, construction, municipal services, and more. We are the Safety Group Sponsor who serves all of Ontario, regardless of geographic region. We host our mandatory meetings virtually by webinar making it easy for you to attend and, if requested, we can do site visits anywhere in Ontario for an additional fee.

How it Works

Safety Groups runs from January to December of each calendar year. At the beginning of the year, you select five health and safety elements (e.g., hazard recognition and assessment) plus one group element to target and set goals in your action plan. You learn how to develop and track these goals during the webinar meetings.

In 2019 our group element is Workplace Violence and Harassment. We’ll be focusing on mental stress, psychological hazards, substance abuse, and how to recognize, assess, control and evaluate these hazards. This is a hot topic in health and safety and unchartered territory for many employers. By joining our Safety Group Program, we’ll give you the tools to create effective programs to reduce your risk of a costly claim.


In 2018, we had over 280+ businesses/locations participate in our Safety Groups Program. We are one of the largest groups with tried and true results. We know how to make the program work.

To participate in the Safety Groups Program, you must:

  • be a Schedule 1 firm;
  • be in good standing with the WSIB;
  • be committed to participating for at least one full calendar year;
  • not be a current member of the Small Business Health and Safety Programs (formerly SCIP); and
  • participate in only one safety group at a time.
Benefits of Joining

Along with improved safety records, members can receive financial benefits in the form of rebates from the WSIB. At the end of the year, you can earn up to 5% of your 2019 premium dollars back. The best part? The rebate is yours to keep. Unlike other sponsors, Dunk & Associates does not take a cut off your rebate amount. But it’s not just about the money, it’s about the other rewards you receive by participating, like protecting your employees, being part of career-long networks, getting access to resources and professional support, and more.

Our Success

Our Safety Group program has always surpassed average success rates among other firms. In 2017, we achieved a rebate of 4.66% back of the potential 5% for our participating firms. Why aren’t you a member?

Benefits of our Group

Some benefits of joining our program:

  • Unlimited toll-free phone support and guidance from our professionals. We’re here to assist you with the program, compliancy issues, complex claims, etc.
  • Webinar meetings from your desk, with the ability to allow your supervisors and safety committee members to attend with no additional costs.
  • Complimentary access to our monthly public webinar program. Webinars cover a variety of topics in health and safety, human resources and workplace injury claims management. These can be attended by anyone in your organization.
  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter to keep you updated on your requirements and chart your progress in the SG program. Each month, we provide great articles on key topics in health and safety, HR and wellness, and keep you dated on any new changes to legislation.
  • Online access to hundreds of resources including policy and form samples, posters, best practices, training modules, safety talks, webinar library, and more.
  • Accountability and check-ins from Dunk & Associates to ensure your success.
  • Networking and support with other organizations in the group.
  • Participation in our e-Blast program to help you resource-share with other participants in the group.
  • Preferred rates for Dunk on-site visits or additional training.
  • And more!

As a member of the Dunk & Associates Safety Group, you will also get online access to our SG portal. This is your #1 source for your Safety Groups information. You’ll be able to check in each month to see where you should be at in the program, gain access to your free tools, resources, and complete your Safety Group documents. The portal is accessible from anywhere and any device.

Registration and Fees

There are no hidden fees to join and remember that Dunk & Associates will never take a cut off your rebate. 2019 fees to join are as follows:

WSIB account and firm <$1,000,000

  • Early Bird (until Dec 1): $950+HST
  • Regular (until Dec 31): $1050+HST

WSIB Account and Firm >$1,000,000

  • Early Bird (until Dec 1): $1150+HST per $1,000,000 in premiums
  • Regular (until Dec 31): $1200+HST per $1,000,000 in premiums

Your organization will be invoiced directly after your registration form is submitted.

2019 Safety Groups

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