Training 24-7

This is an affordable online training program which is available from any internet connection and offers courses in Health and Safety, Human Resources and Environmental. For individuals or businesses, this web-based program is designed specifically to provide training based on a user’s roles and responsibilities within an organization. When a business is too small to have in-house training, or too large to manage its own training, Training 24-7 makes compliance easy.

As an employer, you will have access to a user-friendly management portal to check the status of your employee’s training, run reports and track overall progress.

Program Includes:

  • Availability in both English and French
  • Training profiled to each department and position
  • A bank of over 100 different online training programs including Supervisor Competency, Worker Awareness Training, AODA and Workplace Violence.
  • Toll-free Support Help Line
  • Reporting and administration access to your organization

Why Learn Online?

  1. Cost: online training is more cost effective than classroom training and allows students to learn from anywhere without any additional travel expenses or fees for hiring a trainer.
  2. Convenience and Availability: online training does not need to be completed in one sitting. Online courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to better accommodate the learner’s busy schedule.
  3. Increased Retention: By using engaging activities and tests, students are able to retain the information easier and have a stronger grasp on the content in the course.
  4. Technology: Online training can be viewed from any internet connection. High speed internet is not required. Training can take place on the road, in the café, at home or other places with internet access.
  5. Consistency: All students receive the same information so the content and delivery of the program will always remain consistent.
  6. Pace and Reading Comprehension: Online training allows learners to have more control by allowing them to learn at their own pace and in their own time frame. With reading comprehension set at a grade six level, learners can also easily understand the language used within the program.
  7. Time: Students advance through online training programs 50% faster than they do through a traditional classroom course.

Free Demonstration:

Please email us at to stay informed and reserve your free demo code.

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