This web-based program ensures that all Contractors and Suppliers to your company are compliant to your Provincial Health & Safety Legislation, Regulations and Standards. This program gives peace of mind to companies and ensures that the employees who are working on projects, buildings and workplaces are competent in Health & Safety, thus minimizing risk, preventing injuries and mitigating your company’s liability.

Any Internet connection provides 24-7 access to the documentation of compliance between the Hiring Firm, Contractors and Subcontractors. Custom designed questions, based on the specific hazards of the job or project, ensure that those performing the work are competent to do so. Documented training, policies, procedures and insurance are all validated in the web-based Contractor Safety 24-7 program.

How the Program Works:

  1. The hiring firm (Employer) invites their Contractors/Subcontractors/Suppliers to complete an on-line assessment at This is done via email or by regular post/mail.
  2. Contractors receive a pass or fail grade after completing the assessment. Resources are available through Dunk & Associates to assist your contractors in achieving a pass.
  3. Contractor Safety 24-7 is then used on a continuous basis to monitor safety compliance and in the event of a violation corrective measures are assigned and tracked for completion.

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